Utilization of a reverse osmosis system:

This system supplies 100% of the water used at the resort. We are not using any of the island's precious and limited ground water but we are actually adding water back into the aquifer.

Natural Ground Water Collection:

We collect the ground water that runs just below the soil, at the clay level, that was previously running directly into the bay. This water is collected year round in a 4500 gallon tank. This supplies water to our landscaping irrigation system which waters all the new landscaping that has been installed during our renovation.


Much of the lighting installed in the new renovation is LED, greatly reducing our energy consumption. In addition, all the new appliances which have replaced our old appliances are certified "Energy Smart."

On Demand Hot Water Heating Systems:

All of our individual cabins and commercial spaces are supplied hot water by multiple "on demand" hot water heaters. These systems only heat water when there is a demand for the use of hot water. We estimate with traditional hot water tanks use throughout the resort we would have been holding over 700 gallons of water at 140 degrees year round. This results in substantial energy savings.

Reclaimed Products:

We use reclaimed products throughout the resort. Two examples are the cypress wood tree stump tables reclaimed from naturally fallen trees and treadle sewing machine bases that support all the dining tables in our cabins.

Septic Treatment System:

In 2012 a highly advanced Advantex septic treatment system was installed at Snug Harbor. One of only three in the San Juan Islands at the time, this system treats our waste water to a level of cleanliness not previously obtainable.